Evolution of Galaxy Idea

After my initial idea of ‘The Galaxy According to Miss Newton’, my ideas for the galaxy based idea has been changing. For the intial idea, the plan was to create the planets using typographic words, this would involve many colours and alot of words put together. This idea is challenging but will look very attractive.

Other ideas of the Universe comes to mind, such as life on a planet, the solar system and the orbit of the sun, earth and the moon.
This is a plan of one of the recent Solar system ideas:

The system of Poetry and Art

As shown, the keywords are placed on top of the orbit paths instead being put together as a typographic image.
The idea of another theme ‘WHEN TWO WORLDS COLLIDE’ was created. The imagery of the 9 planets around the sun does not support this theme but in another context, it explains the relationship between Poetry and Art. This theme also represents:

  • the relationship between the art or poem and the producer’s mind.
  • the written work(the poem) and the illustrated work(the artwork).

This is another revised version with the same concept, the titles are placed on the planets to free up more space for the information.

Final idea based on The Galaxy According to Miss Newton

For this design, I wanted to represent my reflective information and the research information. The first planet will show the research question, and the rest will provide the planned information (image below), alternating between ‘about me’ and ‘about the research’. In the second idea, the name of some art movements will placed on the asteroids to show the movements taking place in the Solar System.

Notes for the sections on each planet


Typographic art

Futurism, Dadaism and Visual Poetry (Concrete Poetry)

Typography and art inspired by Typography is one of my favorite type of art, especially when the words arranged on the canvas convey the meaning of the text. Typography as an art form began several years ago, prior to the invention of creative writing. It’s features were beautifully and perfectly carved by scribes and literate people. Typography was seen as an art, it represented a high status and made words written on a paper, a precious item.

Typography may have been an art used with some poetry forms in earlier periods but was overtaken by drawings and paintings afterwards. Several art movements were based on different techniques of paintings, most of the poet artists discussed in this research and other poet artists from their era, they portrayed poems with paintings or their artistic pieces were paintings.

Modern arts were applied by Post-Nineteeneth century artists. The Futurism movement began by Italian poet in 1909. Futurism, an Italian avant-garde art movement that took speed, technology and modernity as its inspiration was a self-invented art movement. The works produced by futuristic artists, authors and scholars reflected their interest in the 2oth Century life, war, the machine age and Fascism.
However, Futurism began a new art and poetry movement that relied on the use of the “letters” or alphabets to create meaning.

After Futurism, Dadaism was a another movement that used typography as one of the main artworks. Dadaism was quite a bizarre movement because it was very diverse and went against the conventions of art as it was known – which was the main aim of the movement. With Futurism and Dadaism, words were considered images and not exactly supposed to make sense to the audience. The words were formed from different letters mixed together, after the 20th Century, art and poetry took new turns because they both moved away from the expected to the unexpected. Both disciplines could be used together on a canvas of work.

"Zang Tumb Tumb" - a sound poem published by Marinetti in1914

In the 21st century, poetic art can be simple and structured if the creator wants it to be. Visual poetry, creates poetry that can be seen with the visual arrangement of text, images and symbols to convey the meaning of the poem. Concrete poetry is very organised and though the process of creation can be complex, the main message or symbol of the poem can be easily understood. The image below shows this quite clearly

Cross, by John Ecko. From the book "Signs of Life"

The art movement of the 20th Century was Futurism, it inspired and was inspired by other art movements. Typography art has became one of the fundamental topics of Graphic Design and it is still evolving.

Image of Zang Tump Tump art by Marinetti
URL: http://designhistorylab.com/students/dickens/?p=533

Cross, visual poetry by John Ecko

Futurism Information

Representing information: the Galaxy

This idea expands on the Earth representation of “my world”. Instead of representing me, I have chosen to represent myself and Poetry and art. The title is “The Galaxy According to Miss Newton” because one of my inspirations is The Bible, and my faith represents a big part of my life.

The Galaxy According to Miss Newton idea was taken from the popular reference ‘The Gospel According to (say) Saint John (or) Saint Mark (or) Saint Peter…
The idea of using the Galaxy or Universe comes from my perception of myself, I am quite spacey(in a world of my own, most of the time), I am unique and I am very thoughtful. The Galaxy here represents my mind and knowledge.

The world Galaxy represents vivid colors, motion and bring some imagery into mind.

The Galaxy According To Miss Newton

Dark Blue
Shades of Red
Shades of yellow

The 9 planets
the Sun
Milky way
Bright flashes of lighting of new stars in the process of creation

The 9 planets will represent 9 different aspects of my life:
My Future
My Morals and Ethics
My Perfect Dream or my wishes
my hobbies and interests
my Favorite quotes
my favourite personalities

Mapping the terrain: Ideas

The aim of this section of the project was to create a graphical representation of the research undertaken in the previous section. My research was on this question: Based on the works of poetic artists, explain how art reflects the meaning and influences behind the creative piece

The areas I wanted to explore:

  • some examples of poetry and art used together
  • the history of poetry and art
  • the different ways art has been used to represent words
  • influences behind poetry and influences behind art

Another aspect of the project was to reflect and represent me, Who I am, What Inspires Me and What will I do in the future?. The diagram below represents my plans for the creative outcome: (1) Based on representation of me. (2) A creative piece based on Poetry and Art.

5.2 Font style for new design

The font style I would use for the text on packaging design is Trajan Pro and Optima. These are serif texts, I want to use these texts to appeal to mature audiences.

Top: Trajan Pro, Bottom: Optima

The font is well-structured and even. The Trajan Pro font will be used for Capital Case text such as the titles and description texts on the front. The Optima font will be used for smallcase letters especially the informational text at the back of the packaging.
With the type of text I have chosen, the brand can fit in with premium chocolate brands such as Green and Black’s and Lindt chocolate, with the entire packaging design, Golden Tree de Luxe chocolate will stand out.

5.1 Final Background design

I am satisfied with the spectrum color scheme chosen for the 7 varieties of Golden Tree chocolates. For the final designs, I will use the gradient fills and pattern designs for the background. I made sure that the color scheme for the pattern matches the color scheme for the packaging design. If I use the pattern design as the main background it will complement the colour scheme of the text, fills and accents of each range.
The background colours, were chosen based on a colour wheel diagram so the colours complement each other.

This kente pattern uses colours from Portem pride chocolate

The gradient fill and patterns can even be merged together for the background color of the packaging.

4.4 3D Templates

This template is an exact copy of how the current bars look. I have changed the front design using one of my new design ideas. The information on the back of the packaging remains the same, but I have changed the position of the text. This is how the back of the current packaging looks.

Product Information as displayed on the current GT Chocolate bars

This is a prototype showing a 3D template of one of the new packaging designs.

3D template of sample Kingsbite packaging

The back information will be simplistic, i will use neutral colours such as black or yellow/gold for the text.

4.2 Font styles

The well-known premium chocolate brands in the UK, use font style text that stands out. Serif fonts add class to designs, since GoldenTree de Luxe chocolates is placed into the ‘Premium chocolate’ market. I looked fo serif fonts that I would like to use for the main text.

My favorite Serif fonts are:

  • Bell MT
  • Calisto MT
  • Century Schoolbook
  • Garamond
  • Goudy Old Style
  • Optima
  • Perpetua
  • Trajan Pro

For the prototype designs I used the Trajan Pro font, I like this font, I will probably use it in my final designs. The only problem is that this font is capital and cannot be changed to small-caps. If I decide to change some parts of the design to small caps, I will most likely use Optima.
For the back of the packaging design will one of the Serif fonts and a sans serif font, my choice is Myriad Pro or Lucida Sans.

For the main titles, I used neutral colours so that it complemented with the spectrum colors i used for the background.

4.3 3D Models

I planned to create 3D Models as part of the design process because it is a process applied in the professional field of product and packaging design.  I do not have access to some of the professional software used in the professional industry,but Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator have some important features for creating designs. The latest version of Adobe Illustrator, CS5 has features for creating 3D effects that i will like to try out for my planning my packaging designs.

With the 3D Effects, i tried applying the extrude and bevel settings to my product, by changing the preferences of the default settings, i created a image of the packaging mock-up design that makes it look realistic.

  • The depth or thickness(width) of each bar size from 10g to 100g
  • The hues of the products for the shades of each variety especially Dark chocolate, dark milk chocolate and milk chocolate.
  • A realistic image of its size for three sizes, small, medium and large – their surface areas.

I created a 3D image of a bar of GT chocolate by using paths in Illustrator. The image below is the uneditted image of a chunk from taken from the 100g bar. I will use this image if needed on the front of the 100g bars. To make it look more realistic i will use the gradient mesh to add more depth and shadows.

These are the 3D models used to illustrate the design of the bars from the small size bar 10g to the large 100g bar. The images also show the colours for the different varieties of chocolate: Dark, Milk and Dark milk.

4.5 Other designs

These are some other designs I created for the packaging designs. The background designs I have currently chosen are gradients fills of red, orange, yellow, green. etc. Since the current GT packaging has images of the kente material, i decided to include some kente patterns into my designs. GT chocolate is an international brand, apart from the logo of the chocolate – the kente materials is also a symbol to its chocolate consumers of its origin. I want this chocolate to portray the culture of Ghana so I would like to incorporate a new version of the kente material.

Kente material weaved in Ghana

I have designed some patterned based on some of patterns in this image, it is a kente material, it uses alot of vibrant colours, mainly reds, greens, blues, gold and black. For my design, I use the colour scheme of four different varieties.

Pattern design based on Akuafo bar colour scheme

The designs shown might be used for the background instead of the gradient fills shown for the main designs. I could add it on the background of the prototype designs as well.

My kente pattern based on the colour scheme for Kingsbite

This kente pattern uses colours from Portem pride chocolate

Kente pattern from coffeechoc colours

The clear windows designed for the box sets will fit with the pattern designs. Especially for design 2,  the rectangle shapes in different colours. I decided to place windows where the main colours fit in. For instance, the box set for kingsbite will have windows in place of the red shape so that the red packaging for the chocolate is seen instead. in this case, there will be 2 on the second row and the fourth row.

Example showing the pattern design for kingsbite chocolate

For the second box set design, there will be 4 clear windows in place of the red, yellow, violet and blue rectangles so kingsbite, portem nut, portem pride and  Tetteh Quarshie bars will be put in place of those colours because these are the main background colours for the chocolates.