The brief I created for the Major Practical Project was to redesign the packaging for Golden Tree (GT) chocolates, the most popular chocolate brand in Ghana. The aim behind the project was to create a market for their chocolates in the UK and to promote it. Although, I had planned to redesign the packaging for all chocolate products of Golden Tree, I was only able to redesign the 7 varieties of chocolate bars and the box sets.

The UK has one of the most popular confectionery market which attracts many of the best confectionery brands from around the world. During the research stage, I identified GoldenTree chocolates under the ‘Premium’ and ‘International’ markets and chose Lindt chocolatiers as its main competitor. Europeans enjoy smooth milk chocolate with other varieties. Although it was a challenge to represent GoldenTree chocolate to the high standards of taste and quality enjoyed by UK consumers, the production highlighted the strong points on the brand.

The most difficult part of the production was creating the advertisements to promote Golden Tree chocolates. Initially, the concept I wanted to portray was the uniqueness of GT Chocolates, which many of the audience would either like or dislike. GT chocolates are not as smooth as most chocolates, it does not melt in the mouth easily and the texture of the chocolate is coarse. Instead of bubbles or smooth milk, you can feel the grains of the chocolate mixture in your mouth . I would describe this chocolate as having an ‘pleasant’ taste and ‘interesting’ texture. I had planned to portray all of these unique qualities in the advertisements so that consumers would not be disappointed by its unconventional taste. The final advertisements I created were supposed to present each flavour of chocolate, by using words such as Crunchy, Strong, Original and Tasty. The audience would already know which flavour they would prefer.

The target audience for the product was for a mature audience based on the fact that the taste and texture of Golden tree chocolates are different from the smooth and sweet milk chocolates found on the shelves of the Confectionery section. The brand was to be rebranded as Premium chocolates, which will appeal to people who enjoy chocolates from all over the world. Golden Tree chocolate although it originates from Ghana and is sold mostly in Ghana, is still enjoyed as a “treat” which means that it is not the most common chocolate but well-known. This is also due to the fact that chocolate consumption is less popular in Ghana than in the UK.

The final stage of the production was the most difficult because my ideas for the advertisements were evolving. I had little time left to create designs that were very well planned. Initially, I had planned 6 graphic designs and 2 flash banners, unfortunately, I was not able to continue with the flash banners because the images were pixelated due to the size of the files. I am satisified with the final designs because I was able to use real kente patterns, which shows the importance of GT chocolates’ origin in Ghana.

The most successful part of the packaging design was the transition from the basic colour scheme into choosing the colour scheme for each product. The colour scheme were made up of 5 colours, 3 colours for the background and 2 colours for the font. The background colours had to be bright and complement each other, I selected them using the colour wheel. The two main font colors were white and black which had to be neutral to complement all the colours in the colour scheme and also to make the text stand out against the bright patterned backgrounds. The patterns shown on the packaging were taken from different kente materials. I used the colour scheme for each flavour to create the patterns.

To create the designs, I took the measurements for the dimensions of all 3 bar sizes: 20g, 50g and 100g. I used the measurements for the paper package(unwrapped) and also took the dimensions for the top, side and bottom profile of each bar. The pattern designs were designed using Adobe Illustrator and the final packaging was designed in Adobe Photoshop. Because of the measurements and physical sight needed for package design, I was unable to redesign the assorted giftbox and there were no big images available for me to plan the packaging information based on. In addition, all of the designs are based on the original design so that it will be recognisable to GT chocolate lovers.

Aside from the visual information, that is the chocolate name, chocolate description and product information(on the back), I made few changes to the design. The 20g bar is still landscape-oriented but I changed the text on the 50g and 100g bar to be portrait-oriented. I also added text to show the amount of cocoa solids because chocolate consumers like to be able to choose chocolate based on the amount of cocoa they contain. Another feature I had updated was the Golden Tree logo. I modified the Golden Tree logo by replacing the ‘GoldenTree’ with a new text using one of the fonts from the packaging. The orange border and opaque white background was removed and the red tree was kept.

My choice of fonts was to make the designs look classy. News Gothic MT for the description on the bacjk of the bar, Optima for the minor information on the front(Cocoa content and weight), Trajan Pro for the flavour description and Vapfino for the name of the bar. I choose these fonts which look similar to the original bars.

I like the patterned background I used on all the bars, although I feel that I could have chosen to use a dark colour for T.Q bar and Portem Pride instead of a white background. The packaging with the bolder colours stand out more than these two. I would improve the T.Q bar by using bolder colours such as dark blue or indigo instead of white and purple for the main background of Portem Pride.

Although, I included both french and english text in my designs, I was not sure if I needed it, since it was only targeted at UK consumers. Based on the fact that there would have been more space for text and designs. The text could have been bigger, the french text does not distract or take away the importance of the product. In fact, most products contain multi-lingual information, which makes the product internationally marketable.

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