5.2 Font style for new design

The font style I would use for the text on packaging design is Trajan Pro and Optima. These are serif texts, I want to use these texts to appeal to mature audiences.

Top: Trajan Pro, Bottom: Optima

The font is well-structured and even. The Trajan Pro font will be used for Capital Case text such as the titles and description texts on the front. The Optima font will be used for smallcase letters especially the informational text at the back of the packaging.
With the type of text I have chosen, the brand can fit in with premium chocolate brands such as Green and Black’s and Lindt chocolate, with the entire packaging design, Golden Tree de Luxe chocolate will stand out.


5.1 Final Background design

I am satisfied with the spectrum color scheme chosen for the 7 varieties of Golden Tree chocolates. For the final designs, I will use the gradient fills and pattern designs for the background. I made sure that the color scheme for the pattern matches the color scheme for the packaging design. If I use the pattern design as the main background it will complement the colour scheme of the text, fills and accents of each range.
The background colours, were chosen based on a colour wheel diagram so the colours complement each other.

This kente pattern uses colours from Portem pride chocolate

The gradient fill and patterns can even be merged together for the background color of the packaging.