1.1 An Overview of my project

Redesign and promote the Golden Tree chocolate brand for the UK market

As a major project in response to the assignment brief, my objective is to re-brand and promote the Golden Tree Chocolate varieties, this brand is well-known and respected in Ghana because it is made in Ghana and a good source of income for local farmers who do not gain from the profits of big chocolate companies. Golden Tree de luxe chocolate bars are produced by the Cocoa Processing Company(CPC). The reason why I have chosen these products for my project is because one of my interests is Product design, i view this project as the best challenge because I love the taste of this chocolate. It is well-known in Ghana and I want to push this product into the UK market. For this project, I will only be assuming that i was working with CPC to redesign their chocolate packaging.

The Cocoa Processing Company produces other cocoa based products such as milk chocolate spread, instant drinking chocolates, cocoa powder, dark chocolate for baking and groundnut covered chocolate.I will not be promoting any of these products, I have chosen to focus on their variety of chocolate bars(Golden Tree De Luxe) because of the unique taste and texture of these bars, which is very different from chocolate bars in the UK and everywhere else in the world.

The UK’s confectionery market is very rich and competitive, worth around £5 billion. I have identified some strong points which I can use to promote GoldenTree chocolate to become a strong selling brand in the UK and in Ghana.

These are the seven varieties of Golden Tree chocolates:

  • Tetteh Quarshie Bar
  • Kingsbite
  • Oranco Bar
  • Akuafo
  • Portem Nut
  • Portem Pride
  • Coffeechoc

I will redesign the packaging of all seven chocolate varieties and will be making some designs for an advertising campaign.

Profile of Golden Tree chocolate