Hi! I am Claudia Newton. I am currently an undergraduate student at Canterbury Christ Church University. I study Digital Media at the Broadstairs Campus on the East Coast of Kent. A current Year 3 or Level 6 student, I hope to complete this course by the summer of 2012 with experience in Website Design, Graphic Design and Illustration.

I am friendly person although very quiet. I have a loving family and kind friends. I’m a part-time resident both in Ramsgate (near Uni) and my hometown in South East London. I love the concept of travelling, taking photographs, having long naps and mind mapping projects(which i hope to create in my spare time).

This blog has been created as part of my final project in my third Year Assignments for all my five different modules. As I said earlier I study Digital Media at Canterbury Christ Church University in Kent. I have choose to study Advanced Web Design as my main module at Level 5 and i really learnt alot.
Over the coming months, I will documenting all the efforts I put into most of my assignments. Watch this space for some mind-blowing ideas.

I already have some ideas come to mind. Over the next weeks and months, i will be keeping you posted with the development of my assignments, right from research and design to the finals part of evaluations.

Till next time, Au Revoir!

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