Initial designs

Based on my initial idea for a gradient colorful spectrum chocolate range, I have developed my idea to incorporate patterns. As i mentioned earlier in the Pre-production pack, I chose to use kente designs for the chocolate packaging. I kept the initial colour themes through all my designs, but each flavour had a different pattern which was repeated in all sizes.
These are some of the designs I selected:

I chose 7 different patterns for the packaging designs, i matched each pattern to a specific flavour and incorporated the colour scheme into pattern. So for example, Stage 1 of Coffeechoc became this – Stage 2

Stage 1: Colour scheme

Stage 2: Patterned packaging made with colour scheme

The final design is likely to change but any necessary changes will not affect the colour scheme. All the colours used in stage 2 including the font colours have been choosen from the color scheme. For most of the designs I used a black or white neutral colour on top of the patterned background so that it can be read.

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