New Packaging ideas

This is a picture of a 100g Oranco box, it contains 10bars of 100g Oranco chocolates.

This is my idea of how the new packaging will look like, I changed the shape of the boxs: 20g bar box, 50g bar box and 100g bar box. The 100g bar box was based on original measurements of a 50g bar box but I changed it based on the measurements of the bar so it is more compact.

A sketch the box, showing the measurements. The measurements will apply to all 100g flavour boxs.

The box designs is based on book collection set or dvd collection set, where the book/dvd is pull from the side. There is a small cut-out shape which will have the cocoa content and the Flavour name.

Sketch showing my new design for the 100g box and 50g box

The 100g box will have 2 columns and 5 rows inside to hold the 10bars. The 50g box will have 2 by 2(rows and columns) and 5 rows inside to hold 20bars.

I made 2 designs for the gift box, a flap on the side and the second is a flap in the middle(like how a cereal bar opens).

Flap open box

Flap opens in the middle

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