Chocolate packaging Ideas

Based on the research, I began to sketch some ideas for possible chocolate packaging designs. I like the fact that these packaging are most very well-known or even mainstream but look better than the best chocolate brands, for example, Lindt, Cadburys and Green and Blacks. I like the fact that most of the chocolate i saw were very different, the packaging design portrayed exactly how the chocolate is supposed to make the eater feel and are very humorous. I have realised that the chocolate segmentation of my brand might have to be changed from premium to Gourmet, because i want to give the chocolate some personality. Premium chocolates are meant to be ‘subtle’ and rich at the same time. Changing the chocolate packaging a more honest and vibrant means that i will present the chocolate exactly how it looks, because GoldenTree chocolates are not the soft, creamy, smooth flavour chocolate eaters in this part of the world are used to.
This is how a 50g Oranco bar looks like:

Front of 50g bar

It looks the opposite, it is dry and hard and crunchy, but the cocoa content is very obvious when it is tasted.

This is one of the designs i had, based on thomas haas Chocolate. I choose 7 words that would be used on the packaging to reflect the unique quality of GoldenTree chocolate.

Example 1

Example 2, packaging was inspired by Thomas Haas Chocolate packaging design

Without saying much I will show the other ideas that I had but the ideas came only after I thought I had found the perfect design and had finished designing the 5 of 7 different packaging that i hoped to design.

Based on Nestle’ Black Magic

Example 3

Example 5: Inspired by another chocolate packaging design

Example 4: The honest truth with some humour

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