Research: Packaging and Chocolate package designs

I found some of the best chocolate packaging designs on the following websites. I found out that most of these chocolate designs where gourmet chocolates. Modern chocolate designs reflect different shapes, colours, typography. It also draws inspirations from various sources.
My favorite packaging designs have vibrant colours, shapes and the use of typography is very bold and elaborate.

These are the sites, i researched from:


Packaging for a fruit drink brand


This is designed by a Japanese packaging company

Nusa packaging design

Packaging design for winter soups cup

Scone mix packaging design

'Potof' the range of fresh organic meals

100% Chocolate Cafe

Black Magic Chocolate Packaging

Mast Brothers Chocolate

Chocolate with Attitude

Package designs and Chocolate bars

Images from: The dieline website -

A selection of their range of designs

Kshocolat Packaging design


Chocolate Alchemy

The Chocolate Alchemy range

Chocolate Alchemy raspberry bar

Magni chocolate

Magni chocolate

A magni chocolate bar

Original Beans Chocolate packaging

Vao Vao Chocolate

Vao Vao Madagascan chocolate

Thomas Haas

Thomas Haas chocolate packaging


Dolfin Chocolate


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