2.2 More Ideas for Visualizing Information

These are some of the other ideas I had for presenting the research information. I wanted to make the most of my digital design skills. The first image below is a simple text of poetic art.

I will add colours and information on the inside of each letter, perhaps like a typographic image in the shape of the words: P O E T I C   A R T
Each letter will contain information on the various sections I researched on, the words will be key words or relevant phases to explain each section.

Inspired by Haiga and Haiku poem and art

Haiku painting of Matsuo Basho's Autumn

This idea was inspired by Haiku and Haiga Japanese tradition. The Haiku will give information on the Poet Artists I researched on, list of some art movements, poetry and art influences and some examples of the works of the poet artists. I will present the main information at the top of the page in the form of lists and by using words. The bottom of the page will be styled with images and the text ‘poetry and art’ will be designed artfully.

Idea based on Haiku and Haigu

Matsuo Basho’s Haiku on Autumn
URL: http://montanawriter.com/2010/12/31/poetry-review-matsuo-basho/

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