Advertisements for GoldenTree chocolates

Advertisement for GoldenTree chocolates

Advertisement for Coffeechoc, which features a picture of the 20g, 50g and 100g bars.[/caption]

Advertisement for Oranco and Akuafo Bar, which features pictures of the 20g, 50g and 100g bars.[/caption]

Advertisement for Portem Nut, which features a picture of the 20g, 50g and 100g bars.

Advertisement for Portem Pride and T.Q bar, which features pictures of the 20g, 50g and 100g bars.


Final Packaging designs

Packaging designs for the 20g bar and 20g box set

Packaging designs for the 50g bar and 50g box set

Packaging designs for the 100g bar and 100g box set

Packaging layout and design

As a student in the design/illustration field, I research some conventional product packaging practices. I have drawn up a dieline in illustrator for the packaging of the 3 sizes of GT bars. I used the measurements for 100g bar and the measurements from the 50g bar taken a chocolate blog. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get the measurements for the 20g bar, but I guessed and approximation for the size of it. The layout of information on the bars is the same, it only has to become smaller or bigger to accomodate the bar size, the original layout is not very necessary because I will be designing the packaging.

Dimensions for 20g box set

Dimensions for 50g box set

Dimensions for 100g box set

Dimensions for 100g box set

Initial designs

Based on my initial idea for a gradient colorful spectrum chocolate range, I have developed my idea to incorporate patterns. As i mentioned earlier in the Pre-production pack, I chose to use kente designs for the chocolate packaging. I kept the initial colour themes through all my designs, but each flavour had a different pattern which was repeated in all sizes.
These are some of the designs I selected:

I chose 7 different patterns for the packaging designs, i matched each pattern to a specific flavour and incorporated the colour scheme into pattern. So for example, Stage 1 of Coffeechoc became this – Stage 2

Stage 1: Colour scheme

Stage 2: Patterned packaging made with colour scheme

The final design is likely to change but any necessary changes will not affect the colour scheme. All the colours used in stage 2 including the font colours have been choosen from the color scheme. For most of the designs I used a black or white neutral colour on top of the patterned background so that it can be read.

Ideas for Advertisements

New Packaging ideas

This is a picture of a 100g Oranco box, it contains 10bars of 100g Oranco chocolates.

This is my idea of how the new packaging will look like, I changed the shape of the boxs: 20g bar box, 50g bar box and 100g bar box. The 100g bar box was based on original measurements of a 50g bar box but I changed it based on the measurements of the bar so it is more compact.

A sketch the box, showing the measurements. The measurements will apply to all 100g flavour boxs.

The box designs is based on book collection set or dvd collection set, where the book/dvd is pull from the side. There is a small cut-out shape which will have the cocoa content and the Flavour name.

Sketch showing my new design for the 100g box and 50g box

The 100g box will have 2 columns and 5 rows inside to hold the 10bars. The 50g box will have 2 by 2(rows and columns) and 5 rows inside to hold 20bars.

I made 2 designs for the gift box, a flap on the side and the second is a flap in the middle(like how a cereal bar opens).

Flap open box

Flap opens in the middle

Chocolate packaging Ideas

Based on the research, I began to sketch some ideas for possible chocolate packaging designs. I like the fact that these packaging are most very well-known or even mainstream but look better than the best chocolate brands, for example, Lindt, Cadburys and Green and Blacks. I like the fact that most of the chocolate i saw were very different, the packaging design portrayed exactly how the chocolate is supposed to make the eater feel and are very humorous. I have realised that the chocolate segmentation of my brand might have to be changed from premium to Gourmet, because i want to give the chocolate some personality. Premium chocolates are meant to be ‘subtle’ and rich at the same time. Changing the chocolate packaging a more honest and vibrant means that i will present the chocolate exactly how it looks, because GoldenTree chocolates are not the soft, creamy, smooth flavour chocolate eaters in this part of the world are used to.
This is how a 50g Oranco bar looks like:

Front of 50g bar

It looks the opposite, it is dry and hard and crunchy, but the cocoa content is very obvious when it is tasted.

This is one of the designs i had, based on thomas haas Chocolate. I choose 7 words that would be used on the packaging to reflect the unique quality of GoldenTree chocolate.

Example 1

Example 2, packaging was inspired by Thomas Haas Chocolate packaging design

Without saying much I will show the other ideas that I had but the ideas came only after I thought I had found the perfect design and had finished designing the 5 of 7 different packaging that i hoped to design.

Based on Nestle’ Black Magic

Example 3

Example 5: Inspired by another chocolate packaging design

Example 4: The honest truth with some humour

Research: Packaging and Chocolate package designs

I found some of the best chocolate packaging designs on the following websites. I found out that most of these chocolate designs where gourmet chocolates. Modern chocolate designs reflect different shapes, colours, typography. It also draws inspirations from various sources.
My favorite packaging designs have vibrant colours, shapes and the use of typography is very bold and elaborate.

These are the sites, i researched from:


Packaging for a fruit drink brand


This is designed by a Japanese packaging company

Nusa packaging design

Packaging design for winter soups cup

Scone mix packaging design

'Potof' the range of fresh organic meals

100% Chocolate Cafe

Black Magic Chocolate Packaging

Mast Brothers Chocolate

Chocolate with Attitude

Package designs and Chocolate bars

Images from: The dieline website -

A selection of their range of designs

Kshocolat Packaging design


Chocolate Alchemy

The Chocolate Alchemy range

Chocolate Alchemy raspberry bar

Magni chocolate

Magni chocolate

A magni chocolate bar

Original Beans Chocolate packaging

Vao Vao Chocolate

Vao Vao Madagascan chocolate

Thomas Haas

Thomas Haas chocolate packaging


Dolfin Chocolate






2.2 More Ideas for Visualizing Information

These are some of the other ideas I had for presenting the research information. I wanted to make the most of my digital design skills. The first image below is a simple text of poetic art.

I will add colours and information on the inside of each letter, perhaps like a typographic image in the shape of the words: P O E T I C   A R T
Each letter will contain information on the various sections I researched on, the words will be key words or relevant phases to explain each section.

Inspired by Haiga and Haiku poem and art

Haiku painting of Matsuo Basho's Autumn

This idea was inspired by Haiku and Haiga Japanese tradition. The Haiku will give information on the Poet Artists I researched on, list of some art movements, poetry and art influences and some examples of the works of the poet artists. I will present the main information at the top of the page in the form of lists and by using words. The bottom of the page will be styled with images and the text ‘poetry and art’ will be designed artfully.

Idea based on Haiku and Haigu

Matsuo Basho’s Haiku on Autumn